The Nangarhar Afghan Agricultural Training Center provides facilities for theoretical and as well as practical training for farmers interested in cultivating fruit trees and forest trees and also animal husbandry .
Attached to the training center is a fruit tree and forest tree nursery with more than million grafted and seedling trees. The fruit tree nursery has its own selection of mother trees from which the scions are taken for grafting. In addition, we have started new animal husbandry complex in five jeribs near to the training center.
The Nangarhar Afghan Agricultural Training Center has organized and accomplished training programs for large number of trainees from different NGO’s (G.A.A., BRAC, IRC, Relief, DAI, gtz/PAL, PRTs, USAID, ADTs and SERVE, KRA and CARD-F) for training. It has further sold to farmers grafted fruit trees for establishing fruit tree orchards in Afghanistan and seedlings of forest trees for establishing woodlot, forests and greenhouse.
The climate of Afghanistan is extremely suitable for fruit production and animal husbandry. Before the war Afghanistan among the neighboring countries was famous for fruit production.
The export value of the fruits from Afghanistan was US$330 million. To revive the fruit production once again in Afghanistan it is necessary to train farmers and to provide them with grafted quality fruit trees and to revive the forest trees forests – one again in Afghanistan to increase the income of woods and to make the clean weather and control the floods. Afghanistan is a cultivated country majority of Afghan people is engaged in the cultivation and look after the cattle. Even though, the civil war in Afghanistan. Afghan people struggle against of those situation and they did not lose their ambition.
By the help of Allah and word, wide organization prompted and developed. They are promoting a head NATC and other companies and NGO’s by the help of these companies supplied splendid gardens in spot of these jobs.

  • They provided also training program for until the gardeners stand on their own feet. Therefore, our people have less propriety and they have to financial problems. So, they grow poppy. Fortunately by the help of companies and some NGO’s and NATC converted to a garden and they have to take care of them. In addition, straggling of this task they have been promoting of Afghanistan accepted as cultivation area. That has the production of fruit and vegetable and woods Consequently, NATC had made round about 6500 jeribs and other companies and NGO’s also established same orchards and forests but Afghanistan have need for a lot of orchards and forests because our all orchards and forests are destroy during the war.
    and also our animal husbandry farms are destroy by the ware and now we start again the animal husbandry farm complex (poultry forms – dairy cows-meat cows- bee keeping –and process factory for milk) in behsood district nangarhar Afghanistan on 04-04 2010 this complex will complete up to 2012 if you support NATC. In addition, NATC have planned to build a juice and jam factory with cool store up to end of 2012 also if any organization support or help with NATC. It will be a big development for all Afghanistan.