Nangarhar Afghan Agriculture Training Center (NATC) Organization

Nangarhar Afghan Agriculture Training Center (NATC) is managed through a team of Executive Body comprising – Company President, Vice-President, Technical Manager, Project Manager, Admin/Finance Manager, Procurement Manager and Public Relation and Marketing Officer. There are approximately 40 employees working with this company involved in delivering different services. The Executive Body is responsible for taking on new projects and finalizing company decisions and project proposals. All new policies and proposals must be presented to the executive body for review, consultation, advice and give it to the firm President for final approval. In addition, the executive body ensures to be updated on the overall activities and the status of the company in terms of progress, strengths, weaknesses, achievements, problems and their solutions.

Staffing Structure NATC Personnel and Administration

  • NATC recognizes that the achievement of the organization depends on the quality, effort and co-operation of its employees. We have a responsibility towards our employees, to provide a high standard of employment and working conditions, to treat employees fairly and equitably and to provide them with opportunities to help them develop and achieve a sense of satisfaction from their work. In every project, there are, therefore, dedicated human resources professionals who assist the line managers in the management and development of our staff. The Admin/Finance department is responsible for the compilation and interpretation of policy in relation to the recruitment, retention and development of company-wide human resources, in addition to a number of people-related administrative activities.

  • Management Control Systems

  • A variety of different approaches is possible and used for quality and safety control during the project implementation based on the nature of project. NATC follows the model of group responsible for quality assurance and group responsible for safety. In all projects, we are dedicated to quality assurance and to safety of project, which we assign specific individuals to assume responsibility for these functions on particular projects from among project staff or subcontract another professional company. However, for smaller projects, the project manager or an assistant is assigned to these and other responsibilities. In addition to these, the project manager is concerned of personnel, cost, time and other management issues. These Quality Assurance Teams are responsible that in addition to on-site inspections, specialized laboratories to insure compliance will test samples of materials and constructed work. Inspectors to insure compliance with regulatory requirements will also be involved. As well as a part from the assigned official team or individual to insure Quality control, all the staff involved in the project implementation will be encouraged to do Quality Control as a primary objective of their work. In addition to the various firm bodies involved in quality control, issues of quality control arise in virtually all the functional areas of construction activities. Such as insuring accurate and useful information is an important part of maintaining quality performance. Other aspects of quality control include document control (including changes during the Agriculture process), procurement, field inspection and testing, and final checkout of the facility. Quality control in Agriculture typically involves insuring compliance with minimum standards of material and workmanship in order to insure the performance of the facility according to the design. These minimum standards are to be considered as specified by the clients.